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1566 Wynnum Road Tingalpa

We hope you have all had a fantastic break and have enjoyed the festive season. Holidays are coming to an end and the kids are going back to school.

The new year has started off with a bang! Storms, rain, hail, heat and humidity! Welcome to summer in Queensland.

The team is back on deck and working hard.

This year we unfortunately say goodbye to David Hsu. David has been with the team for more than 7 years. He is focusing more on family and running his own clinic this year and as a result, has no time left for us. We wish David well in the future.

We welcome new Osteopath Jake Martins to the team. Jake has a wide experience in a range of musculoskeletal complaints. He integrates soft tissue work, hands on therapy, in addition to needling, rehabilitation exercises and activities to help you get results. Call now on 3398 7022 to book with Jake.

Declan Wise will be joining our chiropractic team full time this year. He will be on holidays in March with return in April to full patient load.

The rest of the team are working hard and looking forward to seeing you all in this new year.

We will keep you posted of other developments throughout the year and hopefully regular monthly newsletter updates.