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Bass Strait, home of the roaring forties, on a bad day one of the most challenging and dangerous bodies of water in the world. In 1998 six sailors lost their lives in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race due to heavy seas and gale force winds. But on a good day, it is beautiful and remote with many islands and areas that rarely have people visit.

A little under two years ago, one of Don’s friends, Jarod Sparke, made a social call. Don always describes himself as a terrible friend, will almost never text and doesn’t really like calling people, so if his friends don’t do the hard work then often, they fall out of contact.


One thing led to another and a plan was hatched to paddle across Bass Strait in a kayak. Hours of planning and training have now passed, a new kayak has been customised and bought, food and equipment have been purchased and packed and the departure date is fast approaching.

The boys have engaged the services of Brian Pozzy, from Sailing Adventures to help with navigational and weather analysis to ensure they have a safe journey.

Don finishes treating this Friday 31 April to head to Wilson’s Promontary. The boys, weather permitting, will start paddling on Monday 3 April. Eight days of paddling, 320km distance and a string of islands later, they will arrive in Little Musselroe Bay Tasmania to have completed the epic journey.

Along the way they plan on visiting; little Waterloo Bay, Hogan island, Deal Is., Roydon Is., Flinders Is., Preservation Island, Long Is., Cape Barren Is., Clarke Is.

Don returns to treating on Wednesday 26 April.

All that’s left to do now is count down the sleeps with a little trepidation and excitement.

Look out for the follow up articles and videos after the trip for a more detailed analysis of the trip. If you are planning an expedition of your own there will be tips and tricks to help you with your goal!