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We provide individualised, specific nutrition and lifestyle interventions to focus on increasing lean muscle mass, weight gain and weight loss. Our nutritionist uses body composition analysis to provide a means to track progression of your own goals in conjunction with the Australian standards of optimal living, i.e. the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Our goal is to decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases, while enabling our clients to enjoy life to the fullest in the process.

Initial Consultation

An initial consult can include:

  • Collecting information on what your goals/ aspirations include and desired achievement dates
  • Baseline anthropometric and/or body composition measurements
  • Current diet and lifestyle analysis
  • Goal setting: total; type; timing of dietary intake to align with your goals and lifestyle
Standard Consultation

A standard consult can include:

  • Ongoing tracking of progression in line with your goals via anthropometric and/or body composition analysis
  • Assessment of any challenges or adversity faced with new nutrition interventions and goals
  • Revise interventions where necessary to sustain simplicity, motivation and sustainability
Short Appointment (Body Metrix)

The Body Metrix System offers the same professional-grade ultrasound technology used by elite athletes and trainers offering the ability to scan, see, and track fat loss and muscle gain.

  • The ultrasound waves emitted penetrate tissue causing reflections to occur at different tissue boundaries. For example, there are strong ultrasound reflections at the fat-muscle and muscle-bone boundaries.
  • Scans are not affected by hydration, exercise level or caffeine intake
  • Data collected is saved and used as a tracking tool as we progress our way towards your goals
  • No radiation is used, meaning no restrictions of assessment per person per year
  • Body Metrix data provides an opportunity to further adjust nutrition intervention
Nutrition Prices
  • Initial Visit (1hr)  $145.00
  • Initial visit with Bodymetrix and body comp $185
  • Standard Visit  (30 min) $125.00
  • Short visit (15 min)  $70.00
  • Meal plans $170.00
  • Other services: POA