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Sports Science

Institute of Sports and Spines Sports Science Team has a range of “state of the art” equipment. We have the expertise to test and measure your sport performance and capabilities. Sport Science is a key component of our approach to athlete injury management.

Our Sports Science team can perform individual tests or tailor a series of tests. We can identify where you’re at and where you need to focus to improve your performance or reach your goals.

Body composition

The Institute of Sports and Spines, Sport Science Team use the BodyMetrix.

BodyMetrix uses Clinical Ultrasound Technology to measure levels of fat in the body. In addition we also measure the density and volume of muscle.

The system has scientific trials that show it’s accuracy compares to Dexa CT analysis. Secondly, it is cheaper, easier to perform and has no radiation. Lastly, we  provide a personal report. This identifies weight, BMI, BMR, percentage body fat, predictors for disease. We track the variables over time for repeat measurements. Therefore letting us compare your results and progress..

Bike Setups

Cycling is popular in Brisbane. Go to just about any local café around Brisbane to realise how many people are into cycle. Some more seriously than others.

There is a lot that goes into getting a bike fit right.

Getting the right size frame, alterations in seat height and position, handlebar width and height, cleat position, crank length and shoe angulation all impact on rider comfort and injury prevention.

At the high performance end, this may impact power output, aerodynamics and comfort. Consequently allowing you to race to your full potential or falling short due to these deficiencies.

We combine years of clinical experience and cutting edge technology to help overcome your injuries and enhance your performance.

The process takes 2-3 hours. You will have a detailed pre-fit interview and personal assessment, to find any problems that may exist.

We use a wahoo Kickr to fit road, time trial and mountain bikes from 24’ to 29ers.This also accommodates bolt through axles or quick release, 8 speed through to 12 speed.  We can also do power based assessments with your bike fit.

Firstly High definition, high speed video is used to dynamically capture your position when riding under load from multiple camera angles. This gives us a clear assessment of your riding technique. Then we assess the angles and position of  the joints to make changes to optimize your position.

We assess the shoe, arch support, cleat position, saddle, stem length and height. We can then make changes and give you a detailed report of before and after fitting.

Your report has all the settings for your bike and your body measurements. If you need to change back to the original settings or are looking to buy a new bike all your measurements are at hand.

The point of a bike fit is to make you sit more comfortably. In short this will let you ride harder and longer and to help you ride more efficiently.

To sum up, if you need further information about bike fitting, call our friendly reception team for details.

Video Analysis

Getting pain when doing dead lift or squat?

Having issues when playing tennis?

Our team can help assess your movement patterns. Similar to gait analysis, we use high speed/high definition video analysis to break down what is wrong and how to fix it.

Gait analysis

Having problems with your running? Want to run faster or longer? Getting injuries in your feet, knee, hips or back? You may have issues with your running technique or shoe choice.

Our team of professionals can analyse you walking and running on our treadmill. We help you understand issues with your gait or running technique and help you correct the issues, in real time. Additionally, we can give you running drills and exercises to address deficiencies.

Advice can be given for shoe models appropriate for the anatomy of your feet and legs.

VO2 Max

Vo2 max is a measure of the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during incremental exercise/intensity. We use VO2 max as a benchmark or quantitative value of endurance fitness. This can be tracked over a period of time to compare and assess the effects of endurance training.

We generally perform our VO2 max as a submaximal test (Astrand Rhyming protocol) in a series of tests for aerobic capacity and training. Our Monark Lc7 test bike is state of the art. In short it runs the entire tests and provides a printable result with graph and data.

The great thing about VO2 is that there is lots of quantitative data showing what athletes in a range of sports may be capable of.

Blood lactate

A keystone topic in Sport Science is high performance testing.

The lactate threshold is the level at which the body produces lactic acid faster than we can process it. For aerobic sports, if your exertion level is above your lactate threshold for an extended period, your performance and output will drop. Consequently If you can maintain your output at just under threshold,  you can continue to perform at this level for an extended period of time. (As long as you maintain adequate fluid and energy intake),

Put simply, lactate testing gives us the heart rate and workload at which an athlete will cross this threshold.

The relevance to an athlete is that training programs and racing output can be more scientifically set, making training more efficient and giving hypothetically the best potential output in a race.

We can perform lactate threshold testing for a variety of sports and with a variety of equipment including, cycle ergometers, treadmills and rowing machines. Our team can even test cyclist on their own bike on one of our stationary trainers.

Strength Testing

Strength testing to can be used to identify deficiencies and weaknesses that may be impacting your performance. Furthermore, we can benchmark your current capacity to assess your training program effectiveness and identify areas to improve.