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Group Classes

Our practitioner team at Institute of Sports and Spines lead a range of exercise and educational group classes to help you with your healthcare needs. From chronic disease management, through to circuit classes and spinal stability classes, our scope is sure to have something to suit.

Body Balance – Stretch and Stability Class

Our stretch group classes at Institute of Sports and Spines are designed to give you a whole body workout to improve your flexibility and mobility. Each class is designed to mobilise your entire ability and vary each week so that you continue to learn new stretches that you can utilise at home. The advantage of having a clinician running a class is if you have specific problems or issues they can help modify and improve the stretches to suit your individual presentation.

Strength and Fitness Class

The group classes integrate elements of aerobic and strength training. Exercises are kept as functional as possible while incorporating all major muscle groups of the body. This ensures a highly challenging and satisfying workout. Participants are given motivation throughout the session and you are welcome to work through each exercise at your own intensity. The class goes for 1 hour and is conducted in a fully supported environment by our Exercise Physiologist.

Functional Fitness Class

The aim of this class is:

  • To improve your functional fitness; make everyday tasks you do at home easier (e.g. climbing stairs, hanging up washing, carrying groceries)
  • Improve whole body strength
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve balance to reduce risk of falls
  • Education about the importance of exercise as we age

The class is run in our gym at Institute of Sports and Spines. You will be supervised by Emily our Exercise Physiologist during the session. Having supervision ensures you are performing all exercises correctly and significantly reduces the risk of any injury.

Emily is able to take into account any health conditions you may have and adapt the session accordingly.

Type II Diabetes Education and Exercise Program

Institute of Sports and Spines conducts a 8-week Education and Exercise Program to help Type II Diabetes patients improve their control of blood glucose levels, lose weight and hopefully long-term reduce their reliance on insulin or in a best case scenario, remove the need for medication entirely. Our program is FREE for eligible participants. We will not be charging patients above the Medicare Benefit scheduled fee.