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Beatriz Davila

Beatriz Daviz

Beatriz Davila has a daily Yoga practice ritual of self-love. Her most precious resource is to refine and expand her awareness, cultivate nourishment and strength for the body-mind-soul. She strives to live in loving alignment with herself, with nature and everything around her.

Originally from Mexico, Beatriz started her yoga journey back in 2004. She was in a state of being stressed, feeling anxious, and dealing with endless health conditions. Through yoga, she experienced a profound transformation in body, mind and soul. From the moment entering the ashram in Mexico City, something shifted deep inside her. Because of this, it became her mission to become a yoga teacher and help others to achieve the same feelings of deep bliss and contentment in daily life.

She teaches a unique fusion of Restorative Yoga, Breath Awareness and Slow Flow. She has developed this practice over almost two decades. Her practices are based on a deeply nourishing and holistic approach. Ideal to re-balance the body-breath-mind through Restorative Yoga sequences, Physical Poses (asanas) and Vinyasas, Somatic Movement, Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), Nidra Meditation, Sound Healing, Relaxation and Visualisation.

Beatriz Style of Yoga Focuses on:

  • Slowing down, calming their mind, and listen to their body’s needs
  • Creating time and space for daily self-care
  • Move and revitalise the body, reduce their stress level
  • Give themselves permission to let go, and come back home to themselves.

She offers a practice with the perfect balance between relaxation, replenishment, nourishment and body awareness. As a result, Beatriz cultivates a deep sense of stillness and profound calmness within. Breath is the main component of her classes. Subsequently, her ultimate goal is to offer holistic tools to create a whole embodiment experience of self-expression through movement. The end result is to soothe the mind, reduce physical limitations and stiffness and re-energize and nourish the whole bodily systems so you can find a profound and lovingly re-connection with your body wisdom and inner-Self.

After completing Seva (meaning “selfless service”) at the Ashram for a year, she then completed yoga teacher training. It has been 17 years since teaching yoga, bringing a commitment to helping others experience their own reawakening and profound transformation.