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Keziah Loewen 2

Keziah Loewen


M.Pthy., B.Kin. Extended Minor; Psychology, MPT, ISSA Personal Trainer. 


Keziah Loewen Physiotherapist has 12 years of experience in the physiotherapy, health/fitness industry. Her fascination with the human body started at a young age through athletic sport. This quickly developed into a passion for helping others. Her sporting background includes; running, volleyball, basketball, snowboarding, and competitive bodybuilding. Her clinical background includes Kinesiology, Sports Psychology, Personal Training, and Physiotherapy.


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Max Cuneo

Physiotherapist & Nutritionist

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Bachelor Nutrition Science, Level 1 Anthropometrist, Level 1 S&C Coach, Masters of Public Health (candidate)



Max Cuneo Physiotherapist & Nutritionist has a background in both Physiotherapy, Nutrition Science, and First Aid/Triage services. From a Physiotherapy perspective, Max has special interests in acute musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and orthopaedic rehabilitation (as a result of injury or elective surgery). From a Nutrition perspective, includes special interests in fat loss, lean muscle gain, and health management.