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Exercise Physiologist

Bevan Chen

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

B.ExSS (Hons) (Clinical ExPhys), AEP, AES

Bevan Chen Profile Picture

Bevan Chen Exercise Physiologist is passionate about creating a sustainable and effective treatment plan for his patients. Maintaining and improving the ability to perform everyday activities and tasks is of utmost importance in his treatment.

In addition to exercise rehabilitation, he has also developed an interest in sports performance and exercise capacity testing throughout his career as an Exercise Physiologist.

Bevan has had extensive experience with clinical exercise prescription and rehabilitation in clients ranging from children to older adults with a large array of medical conditions.

He aims to help clients achieve their desired outcome in the best possible time frame.

Bevan is proficient with sports specific exercise prescription. As a result of his history in competitive swimming, Bevan thoroughly understands the specifics required in athletes. Assisting clients’ progress in their sporting career has been another of Bevan’s goals.

On top of exercise prescription, Bevan also offers exercise performance testing. A variety of tests are available, including VO2Max, lactate threshold and submaximal tests. This service is available to athletes of all levels, individuals who are interested in their current exercise capacity, or even as baseline and follow up measures.

Bevan is also bilingual, speaking both English and Mandarin, giving additional capabilities of managing patients who only speak Mandarin.

Performance testing;

  • Body composition (percentage body fat, lean muscle mass etc) –
  • VO2 max – Get a good, reliable predictor of your aerobic fitness whether you’re a weekend warrior or involved in competitive sport
  • Max power – for sprint athletes, get an indicator of your maximum power output
  • Blood lactate testing – designed for athletes wanting to obtain specific training zones to implement into their training for performance enhancement.

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