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Article by Angela Marshall
BHSC. Acu, AHPRA Reg Acupuncturist, AACMA Member


Hours of sleep per night to maintain a healthy body, mind and emotions. Less sleep impacts your health. Five to six hours per night affects your metabolism, stress levels and immune function. This leads to decreased productivity, weight gain, stress and premature aging. Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine are effective insomnia treatments. These therapies calm the mind, decrease stress and help you to sleep.

While we are in ‘fight or flight’ mode our stress hormones are high and sleep won’t come easy, if at all. It relies on us switching over to the only state our body knows- ‘rest and digest’. There are thousands of ways we can we can find ourselves stressed, but only one way we can ourselves into ‘rest and digest’. BREATH. And of course, ACUPUNCTURE !!!