About Us

Institute of Sports and Spines is located at 820 Old Cleveland Road Carina. The facility is aimed at combining the ability to conduct performance testing with clinical treatment and management as well as rehabilitation and training programs for both the athlete and general public.

Institute of Sports and Spines has one of the most comprehensive analysis protocols in the country. A comprehensive and systematic physical examination will assess your current condition, benchmark where you are at present and plan where you want to be. Your goals are our goals. Our passion is helping you achieve the results you are seeking.

Our drive is to create a patient centric experience, which is outcome driven, in a fun and interactive environment. Our patients benefit from proven treatments based on the latest scientific research and provided with care and understanding.

Our facility aims to be patient centric, driven by your goals, so that we achieve the outcome you desire. With a 20 year history involving both competing in, training and treating elite athletes and the general public, Don Williams and his team of professionals are more than happy to discuss your healthcare needs.