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Max Cuneo

Bachelor of Nutrition Science (QUT), Level 1 Anthropometrist (ISAK), Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA), Bachelor of Physiotherapy (currently studying), Masters of Public Health (currently studying)

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Max Cuneo Nutritionist has a background in weight management, lifestyle modification, and diet alternation. Having lived with Coeliac Disease for 20+ years, competed in regional and Australian level sports including Muay Thai and Body Building, Max has an intimate understanding of what makes a successful nutrition intervention and how to maintain a stoic mindset. Combine this with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science and now studying a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelor Degree of Physiotherapy, Max’s pursuit and desire to help people live a longer, happier, and healthier life is uncompromising.

Max provides individualised, specific nutrition and lifestyle interventions to focus on increasing lean muscle mass, weight gain and weight loss. He utilises body composition analysis to provide a means to track progression of your own goals in conjunction with endeavouring to meet the Australian standards of optimal living (i.e. the Australian Dietary Guidelines). Max’s goal is to facilitate a decrease in risk of the development of chronic disease, while still being able to enjoy life to the fullest in the process.

Max Cuneo Nutritionist developed the passion for becoming a Nutritionist after facing years of adversity when it came to his own dietary obligations and rigorous requirements. Max has been living with Coeliac Disease for more than 20 years and knows first-hand how beneficial an optimised diet can be. Max’s strengths involve understanding that the concept of health is more than just what’s in your fridge. It’s about being able to breakdown nutrition panels on foods, how to efficiently navigate through a supermarket, how to decipher what’s published on social media as beneficial or harmful regarding lean muscle growth and weight loss, and how to best adjust a nutrition intervention to suit the individual sitting in front of him. He understands that your lifestyle, work requirements, training requirements, social life, relationships, and most importantly your goals – will dictate how much, when and what you eat.

Max has spent over two decades understanding what makes or breaks a sustainable eating regime to promote optimal health, vitality, and sustained energy levels. His pursuit in academics having completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science and first-hand experience competing in a variety of regional, state, and Australian level sports has continually added to his repertoire of skills to determine the most sustainable health-promoting diets and lifestyle for differing individuals.

Max’s drive and willingness to contribute to the ongoing health and happiness of others continues to grow as he is now studying another Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy and a Master’s Degree in Public Health. Physiotherapy will allow him to offer people the service of moving correctly, efficiently, and sustainably so that this too can contribute to the betterment of their lives. The reason for the Masters is so he can also have to opportunity to contribute to sustainable living of entire populations.

Let Max give you the guidance and tools needed to fix up that diet, to get more out of life, decrease the risks of developing chronic disease, and give you the best possible chance of living a longer, happier, healthier life.