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Do you know someone that has a New Year’s resolution of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle starting in 2017? Wouldn’t it be great if you could help them start their new journey? Well now you can! By giving them a gift of knowing their Body Fat Percentage as well as their Body Mass Index, Basal Metobolic Rate and also muscle mass! At the Institute of Sports and Spines, we have advanced technology that can get a very accurate reading and at the end of the consultation we will provide a full take home report. This is a great way to keep track of progress!

How It Works

The BodyMetrix works by using ultrasound. When ultrasound waves penetrate tissue, reflections occur at different tissue boundaries. For example, there are strong ultrasound reflections at fat-muscle and muscle-bone.

Ultrasound allows the BodyMetrix to detect the true fat thickness at each measurement point. By making measurements at multiple points on the body an accurate body fat % can be determined.

Also, ultrasound measurements are not affected by hydration, exercise level, and caffeine intake, therefore providing consistent results

Bodymetrix Probe

An ultrasound may sound intimidating, but if you’ve ever heard an echo you’re a long way to understanding the graph and how the BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound to measure tissue thickness. You hear an echo when sound travels through air and reflects from a wall or mountain and comes back to your ear. If you time how long it takes for you to hear the echo you can calculate how far away the reflecting object is. The BodyMetrix System generates an ultrasound signal that travels through tissue and then records the reflected signal.

Continuing the echo analogy, the BodyMetrix device plays the role of your mouth and your ear. Ultrasound waves travel in tissue and strong reflections occur at the boundary of different tissue types, for example, fat-muscle and muscle-bone.

Measurement Data

The graph above shows a typical measurement. The horizontal axis corresponds to the thickness or depth of tissue and the vertical axis is the reflected signal the first peak (1) is the fat-muscle boundary. The smaller peaks (2) are different structure which can include connective tissues in the muscle layer. The third peak (3) is the muscle-bone border. It’s important to note that the BodyMetrix measures the true tissue thickness unlike calipers which measure a skin fold thickness which can be anywhere from 1 to 3 times the true fat thickness.

So give the gift of the start of a positive lifestyle change and call the Institute of Sports and Spines to book an appointment today!