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Rocker Boards are back in stock

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rocker board

Balance and stability are really important factors in daily life. Particularly as we age.

With injuries , particularly to the ankle, we often lose the effective proprioceptive capacity of the joint. This is the ability for the body to recognise itself in space.

When our proprioception deteriorates, we are at an increased risk of falls and of rolling or twisting our ankles.

Rocker boards are a great way at improving proprioception and control. 

Research from the Czech republic shows that if we spend 5 minutes, 3 times per day for 6 weeks, we can double our proprioception.

An easy test to assess at home. In a safe place, stand on one leg, lift the other leg so that the hip is at 90 degrees, knee directly out in front. With the eyes open, we should be able to stand comfortably on one leg for 30 seconds. With the eyes closed we should be able to stand for 10 seconds.

We have not been able to get wobble boards for some time. However, we have found a new supplier and are able to sell these again at the low price of $60 per board.

Call our friendly reception team on 07 3398 7022 to order/purchase your wobble board. If you would like specific exercises and instructions on how to use the rocker board, book in with our practitioner team to get some expert advice and instruction.