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by Bevan Chen

We often think about healthcare as a treatment for a certain condition, but what if we could prevent the onset of health conditions in the first place? Exercise used as preventative health care is greatly under looked and often forgotten. Due to our current lifestyles, a large portion of our lives are fairly sedentary and inactive which greatly increases our risk for a large array of cardiovascular and metabolic health conditions. About half of all Australians have health conditions that could be prevented. We know that the majority of medical conditions will benefit from exercise treatment. This is also the case in preventing or greatly reducing risk of them occurring. In most instances, preventing the onset of a condition is easier than managing or reversing (if possible) the condition itself.

Some common health conditions that exercise will affect include osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and heart health. Appropriate exercise will reduce the risk of these conditions through improved bone health, reduced insulin spikes and maintaining a healthy heart. Now, this doesn’t mean that you must follow a strict exercise regime, be following the latest exercise fad, or doing multiple hours in the gym in a day. A simple and easy to follow exercise plan that will fit into your spare time will do. Ideally, the plan will be something you will be able to do most days of the week without feeling overwhelmed. By doing so, we will be able to achieve consistency in your exercise plan. Often, the best exercise plan is one that will suit your lifestyle.

If you are unsure on how to start, here’s a quick and easy home-based routine one to get you started!

Incline push up (on wall, kitchen bench or chair) 4x10reps

Squats (this can also be done sitting from a chair) 4x10reps

Plank – on hands (this can be done on the floor or chair) 4x30secs

High knees – fast 4x10reps (each side)