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Water‐ That trusty old friend that we know we should have a better relationship with. Water has so many fantastic health benefits for our body, mind and general well‐being. Did you know that your body is made up of 60% water? (circulation, digestion, absorption, saliva to name a few). It can also help control your caloric intake, it makes you feel full so that you don’t reach for those high calorie foods and drinks; for example by having a big glass of water 15 minutes before dinner it can help to reduce those dreaded hunger pains and also stop you from over‐eating. Water helps energize your muscles, when you are not giving your muscles enough water it can make you feel drained and tired, as well as decrease your performance at the gym or on your run, sipping on water throughout your workout will help you to feel energized and keep you hydrated. Water also helps your kidneys, maintains a normal bowel function, keeps your skin looking good, helps cognitive function, and keeps your joints healthy and lubricated, to name a few!

On average we should consume from 2.2 – 3 litres of water per day to keep us hydrated and to keep our bodies functioning efficiently. But, it can be hard… and boring! However, there is a way to make your water tastier and more appealing, by drinking vitamin water! No, I am not talking about the sugary, artificial kind that your buy at the local store! I am talking about making your own delicious and beneficial vitamin water. It is so simple to prepare and makes getting your daily dose of water down a lot easier and more enjoyable! You can also get some extra vitamins into your day, and you won’t be consuming all those empty calories that you normally would be in the bought kind! All you need to do is slice up your fruit or vegetable of choice, chop some herbs pop it into a jar/jug (whatever you prefer) and fill it up with some filtered water! Let it sit for at least 15 minutes and presto! You have your delicious and very nutritious vitamin water!

Some ideas to get you going;

  • Mixed citrus‐ orange, lime, lemon
  • Raspberry and lime
  • Watermelon and rosemary
  • Blackberry and sage
  • Pineapple and mint
  • Lemon, cucumber and basil
  • Strawberry, lime and mint
  • Orange, mint and lemon
  • Strawberry, orange and mint
  • Ginger and lemon

There are so many combinations! So Get creative and enjoy getting your daily intake of water down with ease!