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Patient often present to us with chronic neck and back pain, sometimes with the diagnosis from their health professional that it is all because of arthritis, rheumatism, scoliosis and spondylosis. These are all names that carry a lot of fear attached, but that’s largely due to the fact that, patients don’t know exactly what these conditions mean for them, and more importantly, what we as practitioners can do about them. It is important to note that Arthritis is not a life sentence.

A diagnosis of arthritis does not mean you need to live in constant pain. I have treated many patients with significant wear and tear in their spine and joints of the arms and legs with great success. The x‐rays of the neck may look like a catastrophe, but they have a great range of movement and pain free lives. What does this mean? It means that if you have pain in your joints and your x‐rays show wear and tear, it’s certainly not a sure sign you’re in for a painful old age. Often using Trigger point release, muscle stretching and other soft tissue techniques, the pain can be managed quite effectively and there’s no reason why you can’t resume a healthy, active, pain free life.

Sometimes some additional assistance in the form of anti‐inflammatory medicine and injections can help to settle the initial pain cycle will be beneficial. Even if your x‐rays show wear and tear on your joints, it is important to remember that research shows the relationship between wear and tear and pain in your joints and the amount of degeneration is just not that strong. So there’s no reason to accept pain and deterioration as part and parcel of aging. And anyone who tries to sell you on ‘arthritis & pain is just part of getting old’ ‐ don’t buy it! Your body is amazing at adapting to change, and aging is just that ‐ a change. And it’s a change that can be weathered gracefully. Remedial massage can be an effective way to address trigger points, tight and dysfunctional muscles and freeing up joints which can be that first easy step towards getting rid of that horrible joint pain!