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1566 Wynnum Road Tingalpa

About Us

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In 1991 the founder of Institute of Sports and Spines was establishing a career path into elite junior triathlon. After having this tragically cut short by a car accident and subsequent spinal surgery rehabilitation, the path was paved for the development of what is now the Institute of Sports and Spines.

Since the formation of our company in 2002, the drive has been to assemble a team of professionals to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your musculoskeletal health.

The focus of our clinic is rehabilitation. The Institute of Sports and Spines combines the ability to comprehensively assess and manage musculoskeletal health conditions rehabilitation as well as conduct advanced performance analysis. We individually tailor our treatment, care and management programs to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Institute of Sports and Spines has one of the most comprehensive analysis protocols in the country. Our systematic physical examinations will assess your condition, provide a benchmark for your training and help you plan where you want to be. Your goals are our goals. Our passion is helping you achieve the results you are seeking.

Whether you are simply trying to lose weight, get fit, get rid of pain, rehabilitation of a injury or hone your elite sporting abilities we have the facilities and team to help get you there.

Our drive is to create a patient centric experience, which is outcome driven, in a fun and interactive environment. Our patients can benefit from proven treatments based on the latest scientific research, provided with care and understanding.

Driven by your goals, we strive to achieve the outcome you desire. Our 30 years of history comprises of involvement in competition, training and treating elite athletes as well as providing care for the general public. So, whatever your healthcare needs, Don Williams and his team of professionals are more than happy to help.

What does our logo mean?

The picture itself tells the story – you could remove the words and still understand the essence of our company. It has to do with sports and the body/spine. It has a subtle global perspective.

The figure is moving forward – toward the positive; the athlete is in motion, signifying the dynamic nature of our clinic and our team. They are training, are fit yet relaxed in their movement; when you look at the logo, the eyes instantly fall on the outline of the spine and the sporting figure. The stylised roundness to the logo has no corners – there are no traps. The appearance of the ball on the reflective surface is to encompass the 3 dimensional characteristic elements of our approach, we are not one dimension.

Our Colours

Colours are often defined with meaning and what they make us feel or think about. Particularly in regards to companies and organisations.

The colours of our logo are important to us and underpin the values and drive of our organisation.

Orange exudes; warmth, energy, strength, enthusiasm, vitality and self-assurance. It strengthens our concentration and indicates our creativity and warmth of our desire to help.

Blue signifies; wisdom, protection, depth, expertise, stability, credibility, peace, care and mental relaxation, pacifying the nervous system and speaks of inspiration. It signifies the professional nature of our clinic and team.

Cerise colour is fascinating – it is the colour of the flower of the Amaranth bush – it is a flower that is believed to grow on Mount Olympus and never dies or wastes away. The colour is of knowledge, self assurance, influence and transformation. We will not waiver in our quest to help you find a solution.

Black is for protection, it is finite, definite, powerful and sophisticated. We are solid we are definite.

White is the colour of purity, it is honest, transparent, purity, precision, simplicity, cleanliness. Of new birth and new beginnings.

Our Sustainable Initiatives

Through the development of our clinic, we have implemented several sustainable initiatives to help alleviate harm to the environment from our operation.

The clinic runs solely on rain water, and preparations are being made to upgrade to solar energy in the near future.

The clinic has a compost bin in the kitchen so that our food scraps are diverted from landfill and can return to the earth, and we have multiple recycling bins throughout the clinic to reduce our waste.

We have drastically reduced our energy usage, and are largely paperless in our operation. We have also eliminated harsh chemicals in our cleaning procedures, where possible.

All the desks in the clinic have been ethically constructed by Don, using repurposed timber that has been salvaged from the Camphor Laurel tree, which otherwise is considered a weed that is detrimental to natural ecosystems. Our grounds now have an abundance of plant life, and a thriving, organic veggie garden.

We endeavour to deliver our health services responsibly, and without harm to the environment.