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I need a crack all over. This is a request that tends to appear at a chiropractic clinic. Why does this request not receive a positive response from the clinic?

Chiropractic study takes five years, with three years of bachelor’s plus two years of masters. Within the 5th year, there is a one-year internship program on top of the full-time study load. Why does it take so long? Could it be because they care about their patient and try not to cause any damage? The initial consultation usually takes 60 mins or no less than 45 mins. If the treatment time only takes 15 mins, why 60 mins?

The initial consultation usually includes:

  • A complete health assessment.
  • Questions regarding the patient’s health condition.
  • A specific orthopaedic assessment tailored to the patient’s primary need.


If a new patient walks into a chiropractic clinic and received an adjustment within the next 5 minutes, it would either be the chiropractor is extremely good with his/her diagnostic skill, or the chiropractor has tonnes of money and willing to buy his/her lawyer a new car for Christmas.

What is the crack?

  • The cavitation phenomenon (gas bubble), has been traditionally accepted as the mechanism for creating the joint cracking sound.
  • A recent study by Kawchuk et al challenged the cavitation hypothesis, and proposed that joint cracking is associated with cavity formation within synovial fluid rather than cavity collapse.
  • It still remains to be elucidated whether the popping sounds during HVLA thrust manipulation originate from intra-articular gas bubble collapse, cavity inception within synovial fluid, or extra-articular events.
  • It appears that cavitation may be measured during SMT using accelerometry and that a practitioner’s perception of the occurrence of cavitation during SMT is very accurate.


To sum up, is chiropractic treatment simply a “crack all over”?