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ONE: It is a 5 year program

Yes. It is not a 6 months diploma of cracking. Chiropractors must have a minimum 5 years university education in Australia and in addition to the academic qualifications, to work in Australia a registration is required with the Chiropractic Board of Australia and strict requirements administered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) must be fulfilled. This includes a yearly continuous professional development.

TWO: We treat more than low back problems

Chiropractors also treat joint problems outside of the spine apart from back and neck pain! We are trained to diagnose and treat extremity (shoulder, knee. hip, and elbow) issues as well. Some of the more common non-spinal related injuries I  manage in practice are frozen shoulders, knee pain and re-occurring ankle sprain to name a few.

THREE: Adjustments don’t hurt

We’re not here to break your bones like you see in movies! The cracking/popping sound heard during an adjustment is actually accumulated gas bubbles between your joint capsules being released.  Adjustments are actually much gentler than you imagine because it is a quick and direct thrust to specific areas to improve the motion of any restriction.

FOUR: Not all patients need to be ‘cracked’

It is a misconception that if you walk in to a chiropractic clinic it is a must for your neck or back to be cracked. It is true that manual therapy (the cracking) is the most common method used to give patients relief from pain and improve movement. That being said though, other non-manual therapy can also be used to achieve the same goal – without the cracking of course!

FIVE: Chiropractors need Chiropractic too

Treating and giving care throughout the week can be hard on our bodies too! So we have to take good care of ourselves by staying active, healthy and getting our own chiropractic treatment. All the exercises and treatment we have prescribed to our patients we practice it too so we know how beneficial it is for you and your health!