Acupuncture Consultations

Initial Consultations

When you first attend our clinic for treatment you will be asked to fill out a detailed form about your general health and the history of the complaint that you would like treated. It is important that you fill out the whole form even if you feel the questions don't relate specifically to the condition you would like worked on.

Your pulse will be taken and your therapist may need to perform some abdominal palpation to obtain further details about the state of the body. Sports medicine assessment techniques will now be utilized if you are attending the clinic for a musculoskeletal complaint.

Standard Consultations

Acupuncture needles are extremely fine with 35-40 needles being able to fit inside a traditional hypodermic needle. All that most people feel is a slight prick felt with the insertion of the needle which may be followed by a slightly achy pressure spreading out from the point. Acupuncture is very calming and regulating to the nervous system and during the 15-20 minutes whilst the needles are retained it is not uncommon for patients to doze off or fall asleep. You should however allow 40-50minutes for a treatment.

Treatment schedules are always up to our patients but the ideal plan is as follows. While some patients have incredible results in only 1-2 treatments it is more common to require a course of treatment.

Chronic injuries or less debilitating pain start with weekly treatments and quickly move to longer periods in between visits.

Internal conditions such as menstrual pain or irregularities, menopausal complaints, digestive problems, stress or anxiety usually require a weekly treatment schedule for the first month followed by treatment every 2-6 weeks depending on the patient and their lifestyle. Internal complaints are usually combined with Classical Chinese herbal remedies to prolong and deepen treatment effects.

If you have any questions about your treatment please dont'hesitate to ask your acupuncturist.